001. BRAND IDENTITYIdentity (brand identity) is a unique set of visual, stylistic, audiovisual, and communicative elements that define the individuality and recognizability of a brand in the eyes of consumers. This identity includes components such as a logo, color palette, fonts, audio branding, as well as the overall aesthetics and values of the brand.
002. PACKAGING DESIGNPackaging design is the process of creating the appearance and visual presentation of the outer covering or packaging for a product or item. Its goal is to make the packaging efficient and appealing to consumers, differentiate the product from competitors, and ensure clarity of information.
003. LAYOUT DESIGNFor electronic and print publications
004. PHOTOGRAPHYProduct and portrait photography for brands.
005. ART DIRECTION & MENTORSHIPfor teams/project or personal
006. CONSULTATIONS for teams/project or personal

FORMATSI'll be happy to join creative teams to work on modern commercial or social projects. If you think we can create something great together, contact me in any convenient way to discuss the possible cooperation.